Welcome in the world of Bibble.


This is all dedicaed to the amazing creature known as Bibble.

His talent and courage is shown in all the movie thats his team has produced.

To celebrate 14 amazing years alive. We created this wesite as a tribute for the amazing one known as Bibble, a hero.

Bibble first appered in Barbie Fairytopia then in The Magic of the rainbow and finally Mermaidia.

During the fliming of Barbie Fairytopia: The Magic of the rainbow, Bibble meet the love of his life.

Her name was Dizzle.

Bibble is many things, the following tells why he is amazing.

  • He's Butiful
  • A genius
  • A role model
  • A hero who saved everyone
  • A ladies man
  • A swaggy beast
  • People's reason to live